• Children under 10 years only with a supervisor
• Insurance is the responsibility of the participant.
• I will be instructed by the staff and will follow the instructions of the staff at all times and in all situations.
• I respect and follow the applicable rules for the contest.
• I agree that film and image material may be made of me and used for advertising and marketing purposes.
• In this context, I am aware that the hanging contest is a sporting act that can lead to injuries.
• I carry out the sport at my own risk and confirm that I will not assert any further contractual or tortious liability claims against SuperT in the event of an accident resulting in injury.
• Participation in the prize draw is free of charge. All persons resident in Switzerland authorised to participate.


• The instructions of SuperT employees must be followed
• Cross-grip is not permitted
• Feet must not touch the ground
• Both hands must grip the pole
• In a 1to1 contest, stay under your mat until the second person has also finished
• Waiting zone is outside the mat area
• Be considerate of other participants